(NG)(Metropolis) in Vedur

Corruption (5), Crime (3), Economy (8), Law (2), Lore (2), Society (13)

Qualities: Guilds, No Questions Asked, Religious Tolerance, Supportive, Darkvision, Good Roads

Danger (10)

Government: Council

Population: 77,000 (Members of almost every race are located here, with no real dominant demography)

Notable NPC's

General Info:

Snjór, the Aquan word for "Snow", is the capitol of Vendur. Originally built by a group of outcasts and misfits who weren't viewed as equal, let alone welcomed, in other locations. The founders of Vedur came across a land believed to be cursed with eternal weather, a curse that kept many others away. The group, at the time containing one of each Geniekin (An Ifrit, an Oread, a Sylph, and an Undine), decided that it would be the ideal place to form a home. While they would have to endure this curse, they would be safe from the word that had labeled them so harshly. Snjór is the land that is cursed with eternal snow.

Now, Snjór stands as a large metropolis with people of all races who accept one another regardless of upbringing and race. While all races are accepted and found here, the races you'd find less common in a "normal" city flourish here. Snjór is seat to the King that overlooks the kingdom with the aid of a council of six. The crown, as well as the seats of council, are passed down through family, however if no successor exists (or if the would be successor declines), a vote will arise to elect a replacement. The only rules regarding the elected replacement are as follows: The families that consist of the council must be the four Geniekin races,  a "Traditional Race" (Such as Elf or Human), and a non traditional race not currently represented. Currently the council consists of the Geniekin Races, an Elven family head, and an Orc family head. The position of king will be passed to one of the six council members, should the current crowned family not have a successor. Currently an Undine family holds the crown. 

A variety of guilds control Snjór's industry and trade. These guilds are highly specialized and gather attention and membership from all over the lands. The people themselves are welcoming of travelers and guests, while at the same time minding their own business and respecting visitor's privacy.

While racial diversity drives Snjór, religious diversity is another strong factor for its people. Many faiths have taken comfort in calling Snjór home, and the public square is a common ground for religious debates and discussions. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is taken care of. Snjór has many systems and laws in place to care for it's people new and old. A number of programs are in place to provide food and shelter to the less fortunate or for those who have recently arrived and haven't settled in. 

While every city has it's share of crime, Snjór has it's advantages compared to other lands. With so many members of it's city possessing the ability to see in the dark, it is difficult for thieves and criminals to mask their acts in the night sky.  Snjór also has very well maintained roads that typically are always patrolled and allow troops and merchandise to travel where needed quickly.

First Harvest

While normally a spectacle of what can be done when so many races cooperate with each other, today the city of Snjór suffers from a new curse. As if out of nowhere, the people of Snjór began acting differently, almost as if in a trance. They stumble around like living corpses, going about an automated daily routine. Interactions between them have halted, as now they all simply stagger around the city with blank expressions on their faces. They don't stop to eat or drink, yet somehow haven't starved or dehydrated. This new curse also seems to only have affected those who were in the city at the moment of infliction, as anyone who enters the city seems to be unaffected. While the civilians ignore each other and bumble around, they do seem to react to those not under the curse and attack on site. This has made it difficult to explore and research, as it's difficult to fight back without harming or killing what would normally be an innocent civilian. Fortunately to Vedur, the king was not in Snjór at the time of the curse.


First Harvest xNellynelx