(NG)(Small Town) in Euroven

Corruption (2), Crime (3), Economy (2), Law (-5), Lore (-1), Society (1)

Qualities: Timid Citizens, Peacebonding

Danger (0)

Government: Autocracy

Population: 1,300

Notable NPC's Magaambya

General Info:

Not much is to be said about Plymburgh. The guards in town, while they do their best to protect the people, the laws are relatively laid back making it difficult. The people themselves are quiet and tend to keep to themselves, which often results in crimes going unreported. The one thing Plymburgh does have going for themselves in terms of law, is a Peacebonding Law. By local law, any weapon larger than a dagger and all wands and rods must be either peacebound or stored in Plymburghs guard house.


First Harvest xNellynelx