(CN)(Small City) in Euroven

Corruption (4), Crime (1), Economy (3), Law (3), Lore (4), Society (-2)

Qualities: Under-City, Academic, Racially Intolerant(Dwarves), Defensible

Danger (25)

Government: Overlord

Population: 6,900 (Dwarves are almost nonexistent)

Notable NPC's

General Info:

Londario was built (unknowingly) atop a dangerous subterranean structure, filled with monsters and a haven for criminals and outcasts. Not much is known about this subterranean network, mostly because the threat of monsters prevents detailed study. From what has been seen, the origin of this network is Dwarven. Though even Dwarven history doesn't seem to mention this location. None are sure how deep (or far out) this structure goes, though the desire for adventure and tressure have attracted many who wish to find out. Londario was originally a neutral territory, not part of Euroven, but with all of the attention this structure has gathered, it was made a territory of Euroven. Due to the everlasting threat that is the underground, Londario is strategically designed to make it easy to defend. While the beasts from below typically stay below, it isn't unheard of for one or more to wander above ground.

The people of Londario, while originally hesitant, were glad to find out that Euroven began working on the cities well being right away. One of the first things built by the new leaders was a School on the east side of the city (furthest from the subterranean entrance). Over the years, this school has grown into one with great renown, attracting people to Londario for reasons other than the underground. 

Londario is prejudice against Dwarves, and as such they are rarely seen within Londario. This is due to the underground network believed to have built by the Dwarves. The desire to be an actual city and be viewed as an actual city exists within many civilians of Londario, but most people view this location as a pit stop before venturing into the underground. Even with access to the underground restricted, many of the travelers only seem to care about this mystery.


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