(LN)(Small City) in Euroven

Corruption (2), Crime (3), Economy (4), Law (3), Lore (3), Society (-1)

Qualities: Pious, Sacred Animals, Therapeutic, Subterranean

Danger (0)

Government: Plutocracy

Population: 6,400

Notable NPC's

General Info:

Leegos is known for its inhabitants' good manners, friendly spirit, and deep devotion to Ra. With such a strong devotion to the King of the Heavens and what he embodies, followers of faiths that are looked down on (NG/CG/CN/NE/CE Deities) don't receive the same good manners and friendly spirit others get. Instead they are treated, at best, unwelcome. As Ra views Falcons as sacred, so do the people of Leegos. The harming of any Falcon is considered a great crime, and Falcon breeders are common in the area. Many of the merchants that run this location take advantage of this by selling equipment and goods for Falcon owners, as well as taxing the sale of Falcons.

Leegos itself is primarily built underground, sheltering it from enemies but also isolating it culturally. a massive glass ceiling exists above Leegos bringing in sunlight and providing warmth, despite the normally cold outside. Despite being underground, the people of Leegos have grown many plants, that have aided with food and medicine. 


First Harvest xNellynelx