(NE)(Small City) in Euroven

Corruption (1), Crime (4), Economy (2), Law (0), Lore (5), Society (1)

Qualities: Gambling, Population Surge, Broad Minded, Mobile:Frontlines

Danger (5)

Government: Magical

Population: 9,400 (Aquatic Races are as common as humans)

Notable NPC's

General Info:

Run by a respected organization of water worshipers, the leaders of Doncast have a great deal for the sea and the creatures below. Many aquatic based casters make up the seat of government for this city. This view has attracted many members of Aquatic races who were looking for a life on land. Doncast is also home to a greater than usual percentage of children, making it energetic and lively at all times. Between all the children and members of different races, the people of Doncast have grown to be open, friendly, and tolerant of each other and react positively towards visitors.

Casinos, gaming houses, opium dens and bordellos are all common here, and serve as Doncasts major industry. This has served Doncasts economy well, as many travels pass through with the desire to gamble. 

While this has never actually been observed, the rulers of Doncast claim that the city is capable of moving in the event of danger. According to it's founders, and every leader since then, the sea is alive and have vowed to protect Doncast. In the event of a threat that dangers the city, the sea itself will carry Doncast away from land and into the protection of the sea. It is this reason that the leaders of Doncast have such respect and dedication to the sea.


First Harvest xNellynelx