Tiburon St. Blood

This human is both young and cocky, brimming with charisma.


Blonde hair bleached almost silver from the sun, and tanned skin reveal someone who is accustomed to being outdoors. A strong body shows years as a swimmer and working with rigging as well, making the young man a natural-born sailor. Of average height and incredibly handsome, the seafairer still always has a hand near his shortblade, a nervous energy about him.

He has pronounced heterochromia iris (discoloration of the eyes), which is believed to be the mark of someone who is only half-born. Their other self is somewhere else in the world, and that person is never whole until their other half is nearby.

He is easy going, but quick to take charge of a situation, often working hard to maintain good rapport with those around him- or to entice some young maiden for “a taste of the sea”.

The creature that often slinks near him however, is a beast of an entirely different world. An unsettling pool of shadow in the shape of some large feline, with light flickering across its body occasionally. The creature typically has been known to visit him at night, sharing advice or observations in low whispers. Despite its appearance, and it’s name of Nemesis, there is a calm presence to the outsider, like a guardian.



Going only by his first name, Tiburon is guarded—to say the least; doubled by the presence of Nemesis. He is a sailor of meager talent, but makes himself indispensable when aboard a vessel. He is obviously Echonian, as evidence by his accent and features, but he does not speak about his homeland. There has been some political turmoil that he clearly does not to wish dwell on.

Tiburon is running from someone, or something, making short friendships, and moving quickly. There is a somewhat desperate look in his eyes as a result, giving the impression of an outlaw. The romantic air of his situation does not seem lost on him, however, and while he keeps trysts short and playful, he is a flirt and a talented speaker as a result. His devil-may-care attitude often comes through, even when fighting, as he takes command of a battle at every opportunity, but does so with casual flamboyance.

It is not uncommon for refugees to flee their country during times of strife, but Tiburon seems especially hung up about the struggles of his home country. His role in the matter is still undetermined, but any sense of coolness he possess crumbles when news of his home arises. Replacing it, is instead a deep sense of anxiousness and unease.

He has recently taken up with a rather large group of adventurers; their individual goals unclear but uniquely aligned, even if only for now. Tiburon passes no judgement on them, and seems to have a fairly quick read on the general personas of those he travels with. He seems to get along best with the cleric Ephraim, the barbarian Rhongar and, and the bard Bua Ti. He is friendly to the alchemist Luna, and gets along well with the paladin Galen, and the kineticist Khorehz.

Tiburon St. Blood

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