Khorehz Yelra

King of a Cursed Land


“What would you live for, what would you lie for? What would you kill for, what would you die for?”

Khorehz Yelra (Kor-eez Yel-Rah) is a 76 year old Undine born on the 2nd of Sarenith. Stands around 5ft 6in and weighs about 200lbs. His skin is a lighter blue pigment, paired with yellow eyes and white hair. He tends to spend time helping others, reading, and writing usually translating scripts to other languages for others to enjoy.


I grew up very much to myself, My father was always busy helping the kingdom that I usually stayed with close friends or family, which eventually stopped. And My mother, I don’t know much about her other than the stories my father told me, when I was born she passed away. But now it’s time to tell my story.

Growing up I read many things, ranging from stories, to tales of epic adventurers across many different languages that are common around me. I always loved stories, to the point that growing up I tried learning how to translate books. But free time went out the window around when I was thirty. My father thought it was a good time to learn to protect myself, I was eager to adventure after reading all these happy tales. He was a more…let’s say martial type. Me? I could barely lift a decent sword, so we went to some mages to get training and that’s when I learned I can manipulate water.

After learning the basics, and nailing them down, I would help my father when he went to various cities in our kingdom. Be it making water for the poor, or just patching up wounds with some cloth, while he did all the diplomatic stuff. And because I was with him doing these things, it put me in the spot I am now. Shortly after starting these voyages out he became very ill, the local clerics couldn’t do much. He was just getting old and sick. But while he was sick he wanted me to take his spot as king. I didn’t want to, but while he was sick I did his running around as the “king-to-be” and I can’t say I very much enjoy it, but I get to help the people that raised me and my family, a place that protected us.

After he passed away I fully became king, some of the council thought I was to young and I’ll admit, I have little experience compared to them. But they all still welcomed me. After my first expedition to Skyjad I came back to a kingdom that it’s people didn’t seem to be all there. The people seemed spaced out and don’t do their daily routine, most even stopped doing things we need to like eating and drinking. After gathering what I can, I have rumors of this group called “the Divine Accord” was roaming the area shortly before this happened. And after some research I found this group that is investigating them. While I will have to leave my kingdom for awhile, I must seek a cure to this curse. Hopefully this group and I can work together.

Khorehz Yelra

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