Galen Ibn Garret

Honesty, Integrity, Bravery, Fairness. Strive for the light.


With a strong honest face and a cheerful demeanor, Galen has never had trouble making friends. Standing in an ill fitted suit of Banded Mail, he gazes around the room fiddling with the war hammer he carries lightly. He looks like a farmer’s son playing dress up until a minor brawl spills from a festering argument, then he steps in with assurance to calm the crowd.

Whether it’s arm wrestling or drinking games Galen is up for the challenge with a joyous cry to Kurgess.


Doing good is easy, doing evil is easy. We make the choices everyday that lead us to the darker side or the brighter side of the road to the afterlife, while the gods speak to us all in small ways and urge us ever onward.

Our heart tells us what can help and what can harm. The choice is the struggle.

We are carried in the memories of those who live with the results of our choices. May the burdens of your choices be light upon the lives of the people.

Since a young age Galen has been a thoughtful and forth right soul. Always helpful and selfless.he caught the eye of the local priest and was brought up in the worship of Earastil. At age 12 Galen stood before the magistrate as primary witness to a brawl at the inn turned sour with the accidental death of one of the patrons due to an unlucky fall. His bravery in the stressful situation and his dedication to the justice of the court and the honor of those involved gained him some small notice and favor with many of the gods of good including Cayden Cailean, Iomedae, Abadar and Sarenrae.

With fate’s eyes upon him, he once again sparked interest among the gods when he was 15. During the mid-summer festival Galen found a small group of boys assaulting the prize winner of the celebration’s footrace in an attempt to steal the prize money. He stepped in to defend the child and though gravely injured drove off the 3 older boys. When he regained consciousness the mongoose Podo was curled in his arms and has not left his side since.


Six months ago while travelling with his father, the pair noticed thick black smoke in the distance. They hurried towards the fire and discovered a farm house ablaze. The farm hands were working to contain the blaze and lamented the loss of the 2 people still trapped inside. Podo excitedly danced around to the rear of the home and drew Galen there. A brief break in the flames showed the figures huddled in the large kitchen fire place. Galen scooped up a maul from the barn and proceeded to stave in the fireplace from the outside. Once the hole widened enough he pulled the people one by one from the interior as the building began to collapse. Once the survivors were freed the farm hands rushed to provide further aid. As they gathered around Galen smelled a fragrant aroma of rot emanating from one of the farmhands. Podo began to chatter at the man and Galen struck him senseless. The hand found himself bound when he awoke and confessed to setting the blaze in an attempt to kill the guardsman who had been trapped inside with the farm owner.

That evening while he slept he was granted a vision and tasked with venturing into the world in the name of Kurgess and the gods of Good. He found Podo sleeping on a Heavy Wooden shield with the strong arm of Kurgess emblazoned on the center and the symbols of the other Gods circling it in smaller decals. Galen took the reward money from the bounty and the gifts from the town militia to outfit himself, then left to follow the path the Gods had lain for him.

Galen Ibn Garret

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