"Members of The Divine Accord, allow me to bestow upon you one simple truth. Our Journey- no, our ascension is at hand. We will transcend this world and achieve divinity, not to become gods, but to walk among them. Many will stand in our way, and many will fear the power we shall awaken, but we shall walk this path side by side." – Seer of Truth

Taking place on the fictional world Eclion, First Harvest follows a group of individuals during the "Ascension" of the cult know as The Divine Accord. The organization holds strong views that our place is not on Eclion praying to the Gods, but along side the Gods themselves. They refer to an "Ascension", a journey to which all life while be lifted into the realm of the Gods. This information is common knowledge, provided by the group during public appearances.

Outside of public appearances however, very little is know about this group. Members (outside of those from public appearances), locations, plans, schedules, all these things remain unknown. While the agenda of this organization has been questioned, most choose to simply ignore the group as they have never shown any hostility or resort to violence, even when they were being kicked out of locations they were making appearances to.

Our group finds themselves pursuing their own goals and dreams, all the while getting caught in a wave of activity as the Divine Accord become more "active"


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